How to Get Along With Your Neighbours

If you’re buying a luxury home for sale or just a nice starter house, you have to know that you can live and die by the relationships you have with your neighbours. Here we’re going to go over a few things you need to worry about and how you can keep out when the thick gets sticky. From understanding why complaining will turn you into a big fat pariah to how leaving your Wi-Fi open can get you arrested. While we all want to live in a great neighbourhood, sometimes it’s just not possible. Let’s get started.

Wi-Fi Crackdown

The first thing you’ll need to worry about is neighbours and strangers alike using your Wi-Fi. It’s not bad enough that your internet gets slowed down, but then you end up having to worry about people using your internet to pirate episodes of Game of Thrones or for other illegal activity. If you want to get along with your neighbours you need to make sure you secure your Wi-Fi against any outside invaders that are looking to get a free ride or commit crimes on your dime. Quash the problem before it starts!

Complaining Pet Peeves

Talking with your neighbours first about a pet situation before going to your home owner’s association of calling the humane society. Some people don’t want to be rude – but if there’s been an ongoing history of weird looks and shouts from your yard into theirs, they’re going to be able to figure out just who made the complaint and had Fluffy sent to the pound. Complaining in general will cost you big, so try to resolve situations civilly.

Din of Iniquity

Din, background noise, people throwing expensive Tiffany glass lamps at one another – we all live with the sounds of life around us. Many have had the misfortune to live next to a noisy neighbour that isn’t violating any noise ordinates – they’re just terribly loud. Before you buy a home you’ll want to get out there and walk around. Learn the neighbourhood. Come by during different times of day and figure out if it’s going to be noisy or not. You don’t want to end up stuck in a situation where you end up on medication from being stressed out. Take the time, understand what luxury real estate you’re really buying.

Backyard Farms Not so Great for Property Values

Yes, going green is sustainable and great for the environment – but a backyard farm isn’t always so great for your property values. If you see a farm in your neighbourhood, you might wonder how that passed muster at the HOA meeting; but it just depends on what is more important to you. You have to remember that extra vegetation will keep the ambient air temperature much lower in the summer time, but the smell of fertilizer and the potential for pests can be intolerable. Something to think about when you’re looking at luxury homes for sale.

The Bedbug Shuffle

Ask! Ask if there have been bedbugs on this property recently and if you get them, let people know! They spread quickly and your neighbours will need to protect themselves against it. If you see some great furniture in the alley, don’t go for it. Know what you’re really getting, realize that bed bugs are just about everywhere these days and if it looks too good to be true it probably is. If your neighbour has bed bugs and doesn’t let you know, you may be able to pursue legal action… but this may not be the best way to instill neighbourly goodwill.

Talk to your neighbours; don’t assume that just because you’re buying luxury real estate that you’re getting a drama free experience.

By Brad Miller of The Goodale Miller Team. Goodale Miller, located in Oakville, Ontario is the #1 team in Canada for Century 21 8 years running, specializing in Oakville luxury real estate.  To learn more visit