What Sets A Free Logo Apart from a Professional Logo Design?

It can be hard to figure out why you really should shell out money to get a great logo design; if you can get all this stuff for free, why should you have to pay for it? To understand why you should put some cash down on your next logo design, you need to know what really sets the two apart! Before you spend any money, you really need to know what a good design is and how to choose a good designer (or try and wing it on your own). If you want to know why you need a professional designer, keep reading!

Free Logo Makers are Expensive

It’s a free logo maker, how the heck is it expensive? A free logo can actually be one of the most expensive mistakes you ever make; people need to remember your logo and if you’re using generic elements without any design principals in mind, people just aren’t going to remember you. It’s nothing against you or against free stuff, it’s just your logo is the face of your business. It needs to be special and interesting, just like the services and products your company provides!

Are Professional Design Companies Worth the Money?

The answer to this question is really up to the logo design company that you choose to work on your professional logo design. Some companies are bad and you’ll be throwing away all of your money on something that won’t help you, while other companies will give you the value and logo you need to start building up your brand. But how do you tell the good from the bad, and how do you know that your logo is going to help you be successful?

Choosing the Right Professional Logo Design Team for You

When you’re looking for the right people to work on your logo, you’re going to want to see their portfolio. They need to have worked on something similar to your own business before, and you should be able to look at their logo designs and go “Aha!” and really get what they are trying to say. If you don’t like their logos in their portfolio, you’re probably not going to like what they create for you.

How Much do Logos Cost?

Figuring out the cost of your logo can be tricky, but it’ll boil down to three things:

  • How many people work on your logo
  • How much time is spent on your logo (including adjustments, changes, fixes)
  • How much you want to spend

If a design company can figure out fast enough that the sky is the limit, some of them are going to take you for all you’ve got! You need to set a budget with the design team BEFORE they start working on your design; don’t feel bad if you want to try and get a better deal than what they’re offering. Just remember that you’re going to want to spend money to make money and get a great design, and you’ll do great!

The Three Things You Have to Have in Your Web Design!

There are three things you have to have in any website design, but what are they? If you’ve been struggling with what you need to finally make your own website design pop, you’re going to have to learn these three secrets to really make yourself stand out from the competition! Why be another face in the crowd with a boring website design when you can use creativity, content and compatibility to quash the competition? Here we’re going to go over what you need to do to start standing out, and how you can get the results you need within a week!


Content is such an important part of design; I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but they really do go together. You need great content with corresponding images that keep the reader on the page, and you want your content to be laid out in such a way that you can get the attention of the reader too. It should flow in the content box (the area of your website design that’s specifically for content) and your content should work with just about any design if you ever upgrade or when you have to do a format change.


Without creativity, a design is lifeless. A great website designer will be able to help you get the website design you need to capture the attention of your readers, but it will also be designed with user experience in mind. People should be able to navigate the site easily, and they should be abel to find whatever it is that they’re looking for. If a design doesn’t communicate, it’s not a design; it’s just art and art isn’t much help to someone who’s trying to sell products and services on the internet.

Creativity also means creative uses of code to get your point across; you’ll want to make sure that you’re not using too many images, too much processor intensive stuff like flash and JavaScript! You wnt to keep the size of the website down as much as possible, and it should be optimised to give your users the best experience possible. But it’s not all about creativity, it’s also about compatibility!


If you want to beat your competition to a pulp, you want to be accessible to everyone that’s looking for you! You want to be compatible with all PCs, Macs, mobile phones and devices like the iPad. People are changing the way they browse, and it’s estimated in the next five years 60% of all web traffic in North America will come from mobile phones and devices. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’re going to want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the mobile revolution!

You need to make your site as accessible as possible; clean code, creative use of images and great content will give you that advantage you need to be successful online!

There Are No Quick Fixes for SEO

We’ve all seen those “SEO wizards”; but do you really need a quick fix or a long term solution? Getting SEO that both lasts and works is more important than a quick fix. The sad thing is it could be months before you even see results, so if you’re not working with the right SEO professional you could be paying for nothing for months and not even know it. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know to start building your own SEO campaign, and how you can make sure you’re getting what you need.

The Project Triangle

The project triangle comes into play when you buy SEO services. You can have two of the following, but only two: cheap, fast and good. This means you can have cheap and fast service, but it won’t be good. You could have fast and good SEO, but it certainly won’t be cheap. Cheap and good service is also an option, but it will take a while to work out. Just know that no matter what someone promises you, those are your options.

When you want the best for your company, products and services, you want us. We can help you! You need someone on your side who understands how SEO works, how you can leverage your existing web real estate (social media profiles, websites, etc.) to get more attention and even how to use blogs to get your potential customers interacting with you. You shouldn’t try and do this alone; one misstep can get you banned from Google and then you’ll have to start all over again.

Why is SEO so Labour Intensive?

Organic SEO takes time. You want to create backlinks, social media profiles, blogs, all these things that get the search engine’s attention have to be done slowly and methodically. You can’t just do it all at the same time and hope that Google doesn’t notice that you’re spamming. But to do it over the long term you need a company that is going to help you find the balance between bringing up your rankings and not coming off as a spammer.

Fast SEO may work for a little while, but in the end you’ll find that it doesn’t last. Building an online presence and a reputation that works will take time. While it’s important to find experts to work with, you also need to keep an eye on how your campaign is going. You need to look at where your inbound and outbound links are going to/coming from. Are your inbound links coming from authority sites, do you have inbound links coming in at all? Do your blog posts and articles link to things within your own site and out to authority sites? Are you targeting the correct keywords for your niche?

We can help you figure out everything you need to know to be successful online. Why go at it alone and hope it works when we can show you?

What is Successful Logo Design?

Who doesn’t want a successful logo design that both speaks to your audience but is also easy on the eyes? Your logo has to be memorable to your audience (when your logo design is successful it’s the corner stone of your corporate brand identity) so they identify with your company when they need you, and it also has to get them excited about what products or services you’re offering. But what do people want? What is colour theory, and why is incorporating simple geometric shapes important in a logo? All of these questions and more will be explained!

“Can’t I Just Design My Own Logo?”

I’ve heard this time and time again, “Why can’t I just design my own logo?” Sure, you have Photoshop or MS Paint and a cool font you downloaded, but a logo design is more than the name of your company and a swirly background. Logos are carefully crafted (at least when done right) with geometric shapes and unique fonts. The colours selected are chosen because customers in that business associate it with positive experiences and emotions. Everything about a successful logo design is carefully chosen and researched.

While you could design your own logo, that doesn’t mean you should design your own logo. You want your logo to carry the same air of professionalism that you do in the rest of your business. Many small businesses have launched and failed on a botched logo. Don’t let this be you.

“Logos are Too Expensive.”

Another issue people have with logo design in general is the cost. A logo is the graphical representation of your business; this is the first thing people see when they come in contact with you via a business card, your e-commerce website or on print materials. You want to make a good lasting impression! With so much that goes into a successful logo design like research, colour theory, designing a custom font and more, logos are an investment. It’s an investment that pays off if you can find the right designer to help you get the logo that will catapult your business ahead of the competition.

“Finding the Right Designer is Like Finding the Right Pair of Shoes.”

Finding the right designer to bring your logo dreams into reality is a process of elimination. You’ll need to find a good designer (like us!) who has a portfolio. Look it over and see if they’ve worked on logos for businesses similar to your own. Look at their rates and see if it’s something you can afford. If those two things work out, contact them and ask for references. Anyone can create a portfolio of logos, but having current and former clients on hand who will speak with potential clients is something altogether. It means they did such a good job they’ll vouch for them.

You need a successful logo design to get ahead, but you also need one that’s tailored to your business and your personal needs. We can help you with your logo today!

A Flash In the Pan: Avoid Flash Designs for Longevity

Remember the last great flash website you saw? Neither do I and neither do your customers. To be fair there are a lot of beautiful flash websites out there, but they’re functionally crippled and if you want SEO done? Forget about it. If you want a website that will grow with you you’re going to need to go with HTML5, AJAX, and other modern technologies that will give you the advantage over your competition. Here we’re going to go over the disadvantages of Flash and what you can use in its place to get a beautiful functional website that is great for customers and search engines.

Flash is Over

The internet has spoken and flash is over. It started with Steve Jobs only supporting HTML5 and canvas over Flash because of the wealth of adult content and apps. Here are a few more nails in the coffin of flash websites:

  • Bad GUIs

Bad GUIs are part and parcel for Flash. It can’t help it, it’s just how it was made. But modern devices demand clean and crisp user interfaces that can be used with the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse. Flash on the other hand was designed for tiny screens and mice/keyboard only. You want your users to be able to take advantage of what you have to offer no matter how they interface.

  • Mobile-What?

50% of all web traffic in Canada is now mobile device traffic. This means Android phones, iPads netbooks and anything else on the go. People want to be able to access information while they’re commuting, traveling around, at work (as long as the boss isn’t looking); Flash websites just don’t play well with tablets and mobile devices. Like mentioned above people use their fingers but there’s also screen resolution issues, bandwidth intensive interfaces that are designed for wired speeds and other problems that makes using a flash site on a mobile device hellish at best.

  • Not So SEO Friendly

A sad fact of flash websites… they’re just not SEO friendly. They have strange URLs (if anything is separated at all) and half the time text can’t be indexed. Adobe, the developers of Flash, tried to resolve this but even they are on the HTML5 train with their AIR applications. Flash just isn’t supported like it used to be and even YouTube has switched over the HTML5. You want to have a modern website that’s going to play well with the search engines, that takes advantage of modern technologies and gets you ahead of your competition.

You want a modern website? You want to get in touch with your customers and get search engine love? Leave flash in the past and integrate modern technologies like HTML5, AJAX and more to give your audience a truly interactive and social experience! We can help you transform your old dependable website into a customer friendly authority; it’s the easiest way to get ahead of your competition, so why wait?