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Brushfire Marketing Solutions(c) Announces New Affordable Logo Design and Brand Identity Packages

The Toronto SEO, Logo and Website Design Company is delivering exceptional quality and experience to businesses around the world seeking the finest marketing solutions at affordable prices.

World Wide Web – September 30, 2011 Brushfire Marketing Solutions is introducing new affordable Logo Design and Brand Identity packages.  The Toronto based company is offering three packages to choose from that range from the standard logo design package to a top tier corporate business design package.

Brushfire Marketing Solutions boast Toronto’s best value and offers a 100% money back guarantee on all its packages.  The company is well known for its fast turnaround times and high quality of work.

The Toronto logo design business is thrilled to offer the new packages to new and existing clients around the globe.  The amazing and unique logo design packages all come with four unique logo designs and allow for five hours of revision time. The logos come ready for internet and print (including fully editable AI, EPS, TIFF and JPEG files).

Brushfire Marketing Solutions features an all new web portal where the company brings the best in marketing solutions to the forefront of the industry.  Brushfire Marketing Solutions have been in business over ten years and have extensive experience with business card design, letterhead and brochure design as well as much more. Brushfire Marketing Solutions delivers experience and expertise for their clients and specializes in SEO services as well as Website Design Services at a reasonable and affordable solution.  

The Toronto website design and SEO company is excited to have launched the new web portal which is attractive, inviting and easy to navigate.  Pricing information and services offered is clear and concise.  

Brushfire Marketing Solutions further invites inquiries and connections to their Facebook page or twitter feeds for the latest tips and tricks on brand identity and SEO.

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Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses

seo for small business

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for small businesses

I hear it all the time: “SEO is dead”, “It’s too difficult now”, “it’s fixed!” or my favourite comment: “It’s highly overrated and serves no purpose in the business world”. All misguided comments made by those who either don’t know what it’s all about, or have experienced negative results with SEO, either because their SEO specialists promised the world and did not deliver, or because they took a swing at it themselves and fell face first at their first attempt. It’s not completely your fault, and I don’t blame you for coming to those conclusions.

SEO can be a very profitable avenue, it just has to be approached in the right way. Do you know of another marketing strategy that delivers customers day in, day out, at no cost, everyday of the week like clockwork? I didn’t think so.

If you’re really interested in succeeding, or taking your business to the next level then you NEED to know this. If you choose otherwise, then that’s ok too, because myself and those who do choose to take on SEO will continue to take that share of the market for ourselves (and trust me, there are millions to be had with SEO alone!)

“Alright enough teasing, give me some facts!”. As you wish:

1. Only 15% of Business Owners See SEO as an Important Strategy

2. A Whooping 60% of Business Owners (or Marketers) do not Currently Invest in SEO

3. 23% of Them Are Even Unsure What SEO IS!

4. Up to 70% of Business Owners Have No Plans to Include SEO In The Next 12 MONTHS!

Are you starting to see the benefits of doing SEO? Most of your competitors probably fall under point 2, 3 and 4. That’s a huge gap that you can fill within your market! Better yet, once you establish an online presence, you’re then more likely to dominate the offline arena as more and more prospective buyers begin to recognise your brand both online and offline.

I mean, who do you think your customers are going to buy from if they see your brand both online and offline, as opposed to just your competitors which they only see every so often offline. As you can already see, SEO is a proven worthwhile Marketing Method with no upfront costs. It’s something you can teach yourself to do and requires only the cost of time. For something that once established can bring you daily customers without so much as any costs, do you think it’s worthwhile? Because I do.

Having said that, I’m going to continue with EVEN more reasons to invest tremendously into SEO:

You’re a Drop In The Ocean, Learn to MAKE a huge SPLASH!

The first call of order to establishing your presence online is not making a website like many would have you believe. Yes, having a website does help but without a plan in place how do you plan on bringing customers to your website? And no, referring people from your business cards, ads or word of mouth do not count. I’m talking about complete hands-off marketing. One that markets your business every day, hour, minute and second of the week once it is established. Sounds powerful right? That’s because it is!

So for that reason, we have to get it right the first time! Having said that, a website is of upmost importance and you simply can’t succeed without one! Where else do you expect your customers to order from? Thin air? If only. Have you ever heard the term “publish or perish”, well you’d better “Webofy or wither”.

As you first start of online you’re only a tiny droplet in this large ocean we call the internet, and as such you need to put a plan in place to be begin collectively building up your droplets into something large enough to make a splash when it hits! Or without using a metaphor, you need to know what keywords you’ll be aiming for and on what pages in order to organize what you’ll be doing to rank for those keywords on the search engines.

Because in the end all it boils down to is ranking for the terms you wish to aim for, and the way we do that is by planning and doing our best to tell the search engines what our web pages are about and what we’d like them to rank for! (Get this wrong and you’re wasting your time!)

SEO Is Not Only A Geeks Game! (It’s actually much simpler than you think)

Another misconception is the idea that SEO is this technical sequence of tasks reserved only for the techies employed at companies like Amazon, Ebay and Google. This reason alone puts a lot of business owners off and again it just boils down to them being unsure of what Search Engine Optimization actually is!

Search Engine Optimization in its simplest form is telling the search engines what keywords we would like to rank for. We do this by using those keywords throughout the pages we’d like to rank for those keywords. This can be done by including them in your paragraphs, as headings, naming our images as our keywords and so forth.

This is every business owners favourite dream! A method that can market their business every second of every day for the cost of nothing! And I’m not exaggerating either! If you’re willing to spend a few hours learning to properly SEO your website, the reward will pay you back tenfold, for as long as the internet exists!

So there you have it, a ton of good reasons why not doing SEO is hurting your business and leaving money on the table. The longer you leave it, the more likely your competitors are to begin doing it and then it’ll be too late! Don’t make that mistake, ACT NOW!

Logo Design Trends Heading into 2012

If you are thinking of having a logo designed for a new or existing business, you’ll want to make sure you are getting a design that is current, eye-catching and will stand the test of time.

The worst thing you can do is to have a logo that appears dated and holds back the style and message of your company. Logos, like any  business, is forever evolving and changing.

Here are several of the top trends within the design industry leading into 2012:

2011-2012 Logo Design Trends

Simple is Better

Quality business logo designs all have one popular attribute, simplification. Take for instance the Starbucks logo. Their old logo, a Greek goddess-like female in the middle of a green band with the Starbucks name, has been substituted for a simpler approach. The same can be said for many popular brands, including Nike, Pepsi, Shell and of course Apple.

Starbucks Logos

Emphasizing Words Using Colour Coordination

Making use of colour, borders and shading to emphasize words is gaining popularity every year. Using this method produces very clean, straightforward, contemporary logos. Highlighting the use of Color-Coordinated Words is twitpic.

Logo Designs Incorporating Speech Bubbles

Even though they have been around for years, the speech bubble is making a return. Not anymore limited to comic books, speech bubbles have become popular for communication and social media companies. Many companies including AIM, Technorati, Lifeblogger and even the TV channel Bravo have opted for this modern web 2.0 design.

AIM Logo

Quadrangles, Parallelograms and Warped Shapes

This is a great example of web 2.0 logo designs.  We’ve moved past the days of standard rectangles, squares and circles and have moved into a more modern and contemporary design field.  Off balance shapes are rising in recognition when it comes to new business logo designs. A Quadrangle is like a rectangle or maybe a square extended as well as deformed into different shapes.

Take the company Groupon for example – The design isn’t a square and it’s certainly not a rectangle, but whatever it is, it’s becoming a very popular and powerful tool for modern logos.

Groupon Logo

Connected Nodes and Hubs

Logo designs which incorporate connected nodes and hubs are mainly created to symbolize the interconnections between social media and the World Wide Web. If you have a business that is based online or that includes networking or many elements, than this design could be right for you.

In the upcoming year we are going to see many logo simplified, with crisp, clean shapes that are memorable and modern.  The new design trends can be summed up in two words (or one word and some numbers!) WEB 2.0.  This is the future of business design as social media, and interconnectivity across the web is what will drive business through the next 20 years.

If you have any questions about logo trends for your company or would like an Instant quote for your business, please visit our logo design homepage.

Organic SEO vs Google Adwords

seo vs adwords

The following is an introduction of the 2 ways to improve your ranking in Google.

Google Adwords:

Google adwords are the ‘pay per click’ sponsored ads shown at the top of the organic listings and off to the right. This is a great way to achieve instant page rank and is often a more economical solution than optimizing your site to rank high in the organic listings.

The way it works is, you select the keywords that you would like your company to show up under in google. If one of your keywords is ‘Toronto Construction’, then you will appear in the sponsored ads, when that is typed into google.

You can also geo-code adwords to only show your ads for people searching in the GTA, Ontario, Canada, US, North America etc… This ensures that people outside of your market aren’t clicking on your links and costing you money.

Adwords works like an auction. You bid a certain amount to appear higher on the list of sponsored searches. To rank in the top 3, it will normally cost between $.20-$2.00 depending on the popularity of your keywords.

Google adwords can be set up immediately, and will guarantee your companies visibility for any search terms you desire.

Organic SEO Ranking:

Organic SEO ranking, refers to the sites that appear on google without the aid of google adwords. Gaining an organic ranking on Google is a sometimes long process that requires many elements to be optimized in order to appear at the top of the list for your chosen keywords.

Simply having a site with your specific keywords embedded multiple times within, or adding meta tags to your html code, does not guarantee a good ranking in today’s competitive google environment.

The most powerful tool used currently to enhance page ranking is ‘backlinking’ to other ‘reputable’ sites that are related to the keywords you would like to focus on.  This is a time consuming and often difficult process. It is also something that must be tweaked periodically to ensure the rank status. 

For a keyword like ‘Bob Smiths Plumbing’, it is very easy to achieve a top ranking on Google, since there are only a handful of sites out there with those keywords within them.  However, if you would like to rank in the top 3 in google for a keyword such as ‘Construction’, then this will be much more difficult, since there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites out there which employ those keywords.

Organic SEO ranking is something that cannot be guaranteed or achieved instantaneously.  In fact, google uses a patented algorithm with over 160 different aspects that affect how page results are ordered.  Taking time to tweak all of these aspects is not an option for most companies/people.

I would be happy to discuss your options for organic SEO ranking and to learn of the keywords you are looking to optimize.  This option can be more expensive than Google in the beginning, however, once you gain page rank, all the page clicks you receive are free of charge, and you will certainly gain more click throughs.

Also, you can contact us today for your FREE SEO Report, which will analyze your major keywords and competition!